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Creepy Freaks was a 3-D Trading Game made by WizKids in 2003. The game was awesome, and had so much potential but unfortunately it was not a success, most likely due to poor marketing. The premise of the game, which is 2-4 players, is to build a team consisting of one "Leader" character and as many Freaks on each team as everyone wants, aslong as they all have the same amount. They would then dual it out using their characters special attacks to target their opponents weaknesses. Once a Freak or Leader reaches their last Health Bar they are "Freaked Out" and run from the arena screaming. The winner was whoever got their opponent down to one Freak or Leader left first.

Rules Edit

The rules can be found here in their original version, in English, Spanish, and French. However, the very last page of the rules has a checklist for every character in English.

Scares/Weaknesses Edit

There are 14 types of scares/weaknesses that the characters can have. They are listed below:

-Biohazard -Copy -Hairballs -Snot -Stink

-Brain -Critters -Mouth -Sound -Vomit

-Cloud -Eye -Potty -Star


There are two different character types in Creepy Freaks. Leader characters (only two were ever made), and Freaks. There are 56 total Creepy Freaks characters, and some of them are just purely disgusting. The Characters and their info are all listed below to the best of what I could salvage from Google images and other articles.

Here are the Leaders:

Leader Attack Weaknesses Attack Type #
Lucas Panic Attack Snot, Mouth Star 001
Nate Panic Attack Potty, Hairballs Star 002

There are also 4 other human characters that could have possibly become Leader characters if Creepy Freaks had been more successful, and launched a second series of figures. These characters can be seen along side Lucas and Nate in the Creepy Freaks cartoon that was included on the DVD in any starter kit for the game.

Now here are the Freaks:

Freak Attack Weaknesses Attack Type #
Spitty Cat Hairballs 003
Tulips Mouth 004
Worm Breath Critters 005
Frosty the Snotman Snot 006
Headley Brain 007
Swirly Potty 008
Serpentina Critters 009
Maddy Critters 010
Patches Sound 011
T.E.D.D.Y. Critters 012
Fluffy Tidal Wave Potty 013
Bingo Drool Drop Vomit 014
Rabid Vomit 015
Thump Potty 016
Piper Critters 017
Hamlin Sound 018
Dolly Critters 019
Ragatha Cloud 020
Bo Oger Snot 021
The Booger Man Snot 022
Pus Bus Gus Snot 023
Zip Zit Vomit 024
Teether Mouth 025
Ankle Biter 026
Venus 027
Daisy 028
Potty Mouth 029
John 030
Fish Face 031
Finhead 032
Sox 033
Litter Kitty 034
Sour Milk 035
Curdles 036
Crawley 037
Creepy 038
Von Klink 039
Von Klank 040
Mad Jack 041
King Jack 042
Kissyface 043
Precious 044
Crusty the Snotman 045
Drippy the Pusman 046
Headbone 047
Socket 048
S B D 049
Barbi Q 050
Eyesore 051
Monster Under the Bed 052
Skelehomie 053
Chester 054
Vampappy 055
Jar-head 056

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